Tuesday, January 04, 2011

I Guess Len Suzio Was Right And Should Be Your State Senator

I guess Len Suzio was right all along. And why he should be Connecticut's 13th District State Senator. And this proves that Tom Gaffey was and is corrupt. Yet his fellow Super Majority Democrats defend him and will keep him employed with taxpayers monies for the future. I am wondering if Gaffey gets to keep his state pension and if he does why? Why is taxpayers monies being wasted in this fashion? And why are there two sets of laws, one for any Super Majority Connecticut Democrat and one for the minority Republicans?
Corruption continues to plague our political system here in Connecticut. It shows how poor our state government really is. Why was taxpayers monies wasted in the past election if Gaffey knew he was guilty? Did he think it would just go away?
And why didn't the media take Mr. Suzio's allegations of corruption seriously? Were they too fearful if Gaffey actually lost the election and new ideas were to emanate from Hartford?
Taxpayers in our state have a poor state government. And the media has stopped doing its job. It continues to protect this corruption. This past election shows how pathetic their reporting has become be it Bridgeport or Gaffey. Len Suzio needs to become the new State Senator. Enough corruption has taken place by Tom Gaffey. I do not wish to have any more of my tax monies go to this debacle.

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