Sunday, January 09, 2011

Cop A Plea, Get A Pension

Or if you live in Connecticut you can be a State Senator and be above the law. When is state government going to reign in their corruption? Or is this not possible under the current political system we have? Why was Mr. Gaffey enabled and protected for such a long time under taxpayers monies? And why are we now being asked by the new Governor to have shared pain and suffering? Hasn't this form of government created enough pain and suffering for all taxpayers in the state? What did I do or any hard working citizen do to contribute to the economic illiteracy and corruption that has help to create the current $3.5 billion dollar budget deficit? And thus why must I pay more for the political and economic incompetency that we have in Hartford?
No-it seems to me like more of the same, there will be more copping a plea and get a pension. Yes-just more of the same.

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