Monday, January 03, 2011

Connecticut's Economic Woes

There are many. There are many, many economic issues for Connecticut in 2011. So far, I have heard absolutely nothing coming out of either the continuing Democratic Super Ruling Majority nor from Governor Malloy with regards to what will be done to solve the $3.5 billion dollar deficit, massive future unfunded liabilities and excessive unemployment. There are no quick fixes with these issues. Connecticut Democrats spend too much, show no accountability in these same spending programs and overtax both businesses and residents. Unless these core issues are actually addressed (and I can not see how with the Democratic Super Ruling Majority), Connecticut's economic woes will continue to mount.
And no higher taxes will do nothing to help solve our economic woes. State government needs to be lessened and reigned in. Bloated state spending programs have done nothing to resolve issues here. It has been and will continue to be more of the same. Wasteful spending and excessively high taxes-for what economic reason? In 2011 we need a contraction of our state government if Connecticut will survive economically to 2012.

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