Friday, January 28, 2011

Economic Nonsense

Economic nonsense. Economic gibberish. Economic rhetoric. Economic debacles. All of the above.
I just can't help but notice the economic non reality of now the even newer Obama Administration strangely moving to yet an even new direction is desperation to save his Presidency and to get reelected. Why do we need yet another stimulus plan? Neither of the other worked, nor did they do anything other than add to the National Debt. How is this plan going to actually employ one out of every five construction workers? Are these workers going to working on never ending infrastructure projects ripe with cost overruns, nepotism and fraud? Where is the private sector in all of this? Hasn't the private sector been crucified enough in the first two years of his Administration? Now all of a sudden Obama is their friend?
This Administration continues to reside over an economic debacle with no rhyme or reason, policies change in the wind, and the same stale liberalism is present with this latest State of the Union speech.
Economic nonsense. Economic gibberish. Economic rhetoric. Economic debacles. It remains all of the above for this one term President.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday's Economics-Government Must Spend Less

It is a simple concept, government at all levels must contract and spend less money. A great deal less money. Our Federal government must develop a plan to pay off the National Debt, the debt continues to drain our credit markets and rips economic growth from our economy. I am glad to see a mounting movement towards the debate on the national debt. I personally have been lecturing about it in my classes since the first semester that I taught in 1982. The National Debt needs to be paid off. If it was then paid off, we would see incredible economic growth in our economy rather than the looming bankruptcy with a $14 trillion dollar debt.
Connecticut economically is a mess. We hear and see the economic behaviors take place of higher taxes, overpaid non productive political appointments and increased spending. The blame for this economic debacle falls squarely on the Democratic Super Majority. For Connecticut to survive we need to cut taxes to attract new business and industry, a massive cut in state spending and agencies, and a cut in state employee pensions and benefits. It needs to be addressed or we will really go bankrupt.
I reiterate, it is a simple concept, government at all levels must contract and spend less money. A great deal less money. Economic self sufficiency should be a required tool of secondary education. Then we can get back on the right track and see the United States of America and its fifty states, once again a dynamic, economic leader of the world economy. God Bless America.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday's Economics

Will Connecticut actually cut spending? At first look, the Malloy Administration has taken care of some of the Super Democratic Majority cronies in plush Administrative positions. For example, Rep. Mike Lawlor, one of the most liberal tax and spend Representative the state had ever seen, will now earn $135,000 as Office of Policy and Management undersecretary of criminal justice policy and planning. Taxpayers should ask why? Why does he deserve that job and what is actual criminal justice policy and planning? Mr. Lawlor is vehemently against the death penalty, thus criminals should be able to be free to do what they want for the next four years here in Connecticut, until justice actually is served. What does the $135,000 actually give to taxpayers? How few employees will he actually manage? And the list of questions is economically endless.
For those who thought things would be economically different as far as political patronage jobs in this Administration you were wrong. Elite political types in these offices have help to create and continue the economic wasteland called Connecticut. We will now accelerate that economic decline more quickly through the now stale Malloy Administration, who actually could have broken this cycle with reforms.
On Sunday a wrap up...

Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday's Economics

Have you paid enough state taxes? Get ready to hear about the bad, share the pain, dysfunctional, economically irrational, economic illiterate state budget deficit. Get ready to hear about the $70 billion dollars worth of unfunded liabilities with only $16 billion in assets. Get ready to hear how Connecticut is near bankruptcy, now ranking in the top five states for debt in the country. Get ready to hear whose fault is it especially when we hear the blame is on the taxpayers of the state because they refuse to pay more in taxes than they already do. Get ready to hear that the Democratic Super Majority for years had no idea that anything was wrong financially with state. Get ready for one of the largest economic debacles our country has ever seen explode in Hartford over the next few weeks.
Why? Why has this state been economically mismanaged for so many years? And when will voters wake up and truly blame the continuing Democratic Super Majority for the mess they put us in? When?
On Saturday more negative economic news.....

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday's Economics

Obamacare. Economically Obamacare is a nightmare. If one looks at our neighbors next to us In Massachusetts one will see the future and future economic debacle from this socialized health care plan. Is the plan working there? Economically no. Due to the fact that there is little if any competition in the markets and the taxes for those individuals who constitutionally do choose not to have health insurance (but will pay themselves) is staggering. Thus why are we adding this burden to the economy at this time of recession?
Medicaid costs for states will skyrocket with rationed health care the only way for this plan to work economically since there is not enough money anywhere to cover it especially with the fiscal situation most states are in.
This year alone insurance premiums are rising dramatically from this new bill before implementation. What about the $500 billion in new taxes it creates? What about the 150 new boards and commissions created-where is the money going to come for that and what is the purpose of all of these boards and commissions? What about the new, costly unfunded mandates on our states many of which are broke already? And the list is literally endless of economic debacles that this bill has created.
Yesterday, the House of Representatives voted to repeal it. Obamacare needs to be repealed for there is no possible way it logically does anything to help our medical care system and there is no possible way it can be afforded. End this economic debacle now.
Friday...again have you paid enough for your ....

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday's Economics

Local politics is an unique mix of personalities, ideas and ideologies. Those who are fortunate to live in Wallingford enjoy a good blend of politics and politicians. Our Mayor, Bill Dickinson, shows little emotion or fear of criticism. His job is being a strong, conservative Mayor who leads by example and thrift. A majority of taxpayers/voters endorse him each election and or embrace his views. A small minority, at the drop of a hat, condemn his every move. That is the nature of local politics. We are also fortunate there are a good mix of economically conservative officials from both sides of the political spectrum. What becomes disastrous for most towns and cities especially here in Connecticut is the reliance upon a regressive property tax and the bait and switch tactics of state funding. The state loves to mandate programs and then pull the funding from them down the road. Also most towns and cities budgets are dollar excessive to Education budgets, salaries and benefits for municipal employees.
Many others towns and cities are poorly managed economically as compared to Wallingford. Mayor Dickinson loved by the majority and hated by a small minority continues to exhibit economic common sense and is pure in his economic brilliance as an elected official in this state. A cost benefit analysis void of political overtones is utilized for every decision in our town. That is why Wallingford is the economic example that all other municipalities should be following.
On Thursday, the economic horrors of Obamacare....

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday's Economics

Connecticut is horribly in debt. Economically it is hard to comprehend how Connecticut's politicians were able to get taxpayers into a $3.5 billion dollar + hole but they did. The debt of our state is economically unmanageable-it can not be paid off through higher taxes nor can it be borrowed and paid back that way. Connecticut's economy lags in many different areas thus helping to keep us in a recession for a much longer period of time than other states. The reasons are obvious; we have too high state taxes, we have a poor transportation infrastructure, high transportation costs, high workers compensation costs, and high property taxes to name just a few issues.
What can be done? If I was the new Governor I would take the painfully political approach of contracting state government. For my new fiscal year budget I would cut spending across the board by 10-14%. This would prove to be painful for the bureaucrats and lobbyists who run Hartford but would be the first step to resolving the states economic nightmare. Yes, state jobs would be cut. Yes, state programs would be cut. Yes, there would be shared "pain". However only through the contraction of state government would this $3.5 billion dollar debt start to be reduced and some economic light would be seen at the end of the tunnel. Can this happen? Yes. Will it happen? I am not optimistic, I am preparing to hear how much higher we are going to tax supposed rich people in our state (before they move) and tax businesses more. It is stale economic policy which will keep us mired in this economic debacle called Connecticut.
Wednesday a look at economic and politics on a local level...

Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday's Economics

I am going to do something different this week. For the next seven days I am going to talk about economics and politics.
The 2012 Presidential campaign should start to be heating up over the next few weeks. And why not? It is only 23 months away for candidates to start to pound away at all of the great social and corporate welfare programs that our government supports, to tell us why they are needed, why our taxes must go up to support them and why only they can lead our country.
Our next President, in my economic opinion needs to come from private industry, we can ill afford economically another President who has absolutely no experience in dealing with economic issues and problems. Taxpayers can't afford it.
It is also interesting to see that this next campaign should cost both sides at least $1 billion dollars each. Talk about non productive money in our economy. Why spend money in a media that condemns you and your policies (although not Mr. Obama-see Linda McMahon as an example)? It is economically illogical. Why can't economic issues be the focus of the next campaign and a real dialogue exist on them? Remember our national debt is $14 TRILLION DOLLARS and counting-what is the plan to pay it off?
On Tuesday....more politics and economics....from Hartford....

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Cop A Plea, Get A Pension

Or if you live in Connecticut you can be a State Senator and be above the law. When is state government going to reign in their corruption? Or is this not possible under the current political system we have? Why was Mr. Gaffey enabled and protected for such a long time under taxpayers monies? And why are we now being asked by the new Governor to have shared pain and suffering? Hasn't this form of government created enough pain and suffering for all taxpayers in the state? What did I do or any hard working citizen do to contribute to the economic illiteracy and corruption that has help to create the current $3.5 billion dollar budget deficit? And thus why must I pay more for the political and economic incompetency that we have in Hartford?
No-it seems to me like more of the same, there will be more copping a plea and get a pension. Yes-just more of the same.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

I Guess Len Suzio Was Right And Should Be Your State Senator

I guess Len Suzio was right all along. And why he should be Connecticut's 13th District State Senator. And this proves that Tom Gaffey was and is corrupt. Yet his fellow Super Majority Democrats defend him and will keep him employed with taxpayers monies for the future. I am wondering if Gaffey gets to keep his state pension and if he does why? Why is taxpayers monies being wasted in this fashion? And why are there two sets of laws, one for any Super Majority Connecticut Democrat and one for the minority Republicans?
Corruption continues to plague our political system here in Connecticut. It shows how poor our state government really is. Why was taxpayers monies wasted in the past election if Gaffey knew he was guilty? Did he think it would just go away?
And why didn't the media take Mr. Suzio's allegations of corruption seriously? Were they too fearful if Gaffey actually lost the election and new ideas were to emanate from Hartford?
Taxpayers in our state have a poor state government. And the media has stopped doing its job. It continues to protect this corruption. This past election shows how pathetic their reporting has become be it Bridgeport or Gaffey. Len Suzio needs to become the new State Senator. Enough corruption has taken place by Tom Gaffey. I do not wish to have any more of my tax monies go to this debacle.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Connecticut's Economic Woes

There are many. There are many, many economic issues for Connecticut in 2011. So far, I have heard absolutely nothing coming out of either the continuing Democratic Super Ruling Majority nor from Governor Malloy with regards to what will be done to solve the $3.5 billion dollar deficit, massive future unfunded liabilities and excessive unemployment. There are no quick fixes with these issues. Connecticut Democrats spend too much, show no accountability in these same spending programs and overtax both businesses and residents. Unless these core issues are actually addressed (and I can not see how with the Democratic Super Ruling Majority), Connecticut's economic woes will continue to mount.
And no higher taxes will do nothing to help solve our economic woes. State government needs to be lessened and reigned in. Bloated state spending programs have done nothing to resolve issues here. It has been and will continue to be more of the same. Wasteful spending and excessively high taxes-for what economic reason? In 2011 we need a contraction of our state government if Connecticut will survive economically to 2012.