Monday, November 08, 2010

Higher Taxes Solve Everything In Connecticut

I do not envy Dan Malloy. Sliding in with little majority and by the help of the mythical Working Families Party, Malloy bought his Governorship. And with it is the continuing mandate of the Connecticut Democratic Super Majority of another four years of anti-business policies, higher taxes, higher governmental spending, more unfunded mandates, more unfunded and higher union pensions for Connecticut taxpayers. Governor Malloy must now embrace every big spending liberal program that will be coming from his fellow Democratic Super Majority in both chambers. Tax and spend, spend and tax for the next four years. There will be no end in sight to higher taxes and spending, while the Democratic Super Majority will state that they inherited the economic mess from the previous administration even though they have been in control for too many years now.
Over the next four years more Connecticut residents will be voting with their feet and our economic situation will continue to deteriorate.
Buckle up taxpayers, here comes more taxes and more spending with 50% of the voting public yearning for something different like leadership. Let us all start voting with our feet.

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