Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Are We That Much Safer Flying?

Are we that much safer when we fly? The new debacle of the TSA with xray body scans and rough pat downs really make us that much safer when we fly? Where is the evidence and proof? Why are law abiding, tax paying United States citizens subject to this kind of harassment? Wasn't the old system actually working since we did not have any issues since 9/11? Why does the governmental bureaucracy once again displace common sense?
And why are we not updating our air traffic controlling radar to the most advanced means possible instead of the out-of-date system that continues to exist in 2010? Because of union lobbying?

Many questions but once again little or no response from this administration and its political hacks. Do I feel safer flying with this invasion of my privacy? No. Political corruption, bureaucracy, and inefficiencies all have replaced common sense when flying. And it will only make our resistance stronger to our government's invasions of personal freedoms and liberties that this administration has taken away since 2009.

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