Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What Has Mary Mushinsky Done For You Lately?

What has Mary Mushinsky done for you lately? If you live in Wallingford and she represents you, what has she done for you lately? Has she raised your taxes? Made your public water costs go up? Increased benefits and unfunded liabilities for state employees while your pays are stagnant or are going down? Help create a hostile business climate through excessive workers compensation costs, high taxes and petty litigation? The list to me as a taxpayer is endless. She has no ability to supposedly represent the people who put her into office one too many times. She has her own liberal agenda which is out of touch with economic reality in 2010. She needs to be voted out of office once and for all.
Mike Vitali will actually represent you and your best interests economically. He understands why his generation is fleeing our state. He understands that we need more not less businesses for our state. He understands that lower taxes spur economic growth. What has Mary Mushinsky done for you lately? Not much in my economic opinion. Vote for Mike Vitali in Wallingford.

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