Saturday, October 02, 2010

Wallingford Needs Mike Vitali

Wallingford needs Mike Vitali as its new State Representative. Mr. Vitali needs to replace the stale and failed liberal policies of Mary Mushinsky who has been in office too long. Her policies and those of her fellow Democrats in Hartford have helped to create the economic stagnation in Connecticut, help to drive out our young citizens from the state, drive business from our state and help to create the massive amount of unfunded liabilities taxpayers are now responsible for. Enough is enough of her tax and spend policies which do nothing for the betterment of our state. Taxpayers are fed up with her constant votes for increases in taxes and anti business policies.
Mike Vitali's focused plans of lower state spending, lower taxes and pro business policies are what is needed to start to stimulate our economy. We can ill afford another two years of Mushinsky's failed policies and lack of common sense to our current economic issues.
It is time to vote for Mike Vitali in Wallingford as our new State Representative.

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