Friday, October 22, 2010

Vitali Wins Debate By Far And Wide In Wallingford

Mike Vitali by far and wide won the debate last night in Wallingford against Mary Mushinsky. Mike by far and wide needs to become our new State Representative in Wallingford's 85th District. Mushinsky by her lack of responses to jobs and the economy shows Wallingford taxpayers how out of touch with economic reality she is and how she is just focused on her own liberal agenda only which continues to force business and citizens out of our state. Mr. Vitali talked about the economy and jobs, he stated that business should not be treated like the enemy. And yet this is the same enemy that the Connecticut Democratic party loves to extract money from come election time. They hate business and industry yet want their campaign contributions.
It is this hypocrisy that proves that Mushinsky has been in office way too long, has completely lost touch with the taxpayers she supposedly represents and has absolutely no plan for economic growth in our community.
Mr. Vitali was no competition for the liberally tired current State Representative. He won the debate and he will go on to win the election in a few days. He can and will represent taxpayers in Wallingford's 85th District. It time for Mike Vitali and his leadership for our community. Vote for him and the Republican team this November.

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