Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Blumenthal Death Penalty Folly-Vote For Linda

And the list of reasons to vote against Richard Blumenthal for United States Senator does not end. Besides not understanding how jobs are created he also does not understand the concept of capital punishment. When the career politician was a State Senator he basically stonewalled movement on a functional death penalty for Connecticut. This has been reported on National Review online by both Brian Bolduc and Tom Scott 10/15 and 10/16/10 . Because of his view and other Democrats, on May 2, 1990, the state senate took up H.B. 5542, which would have required a court to issue the death penalty if the aggravating factors outweighed the mitigating factors, thus the death penalty for the guilty party. Blumenthal now forgets that he spoke against the bill and helped to kill the bill. We now have with the infamous Petit murder trial the results of his and fellow Democrats stonewalling of 20 years ago, the legal fight against the death penalty for both of these murderers and the plea of taxpayers supported life in prison sentence. I wonder how fast the death penalty would be enacted if a famous Connecticut Democrats family was murdered in cold blood?
I personally am sick of career liberal politicians who have no sense of any reality of life whatsoever. I am personally sick of the lies of Richard Blumenthal. It is time for Linda McMahon to become our next Senator. Vote for Linda in this election.


Warren Mosler said...

There is another choice.

I'm the official Independent Party candidate for US Senate.

I'm the candidate qualified to create the millions of new private sector jobs we desperately need.

See my proposals, endorsements, and qualifications at:


Warren Mosler

Bob Swick said...

Thanks for your point of view, however I am still voting for Linda McMahon.