Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What Has Mary Mushinsky Done For You Lately?

What has Mary Mushinsky done for you lately? If you live in Wallingford and she represents you, what has she done for you lately? Has she raised your taxes? Made your public water costs go up? Increased benefits and unfunded liabilities for state employees while your pays are stagnant or are going down? Help create a hostile business climate through excessive workers compensation costs, high taxes and petty litigation? The list to me as a taxpayer is endless. She has no ability to supposedly represent the people who put her into office one too many times. She has her own liberal agenda which is out of touch with economic reality in 2010. She needs to be voted out of office once and for all.
Mike Vitali will actually represent you and your best interests economically. He understands why his generation is fleeing our state. He understands that we need more not less businesses for our state. He understands that lower taxes spur economic growth. What has Mary Mushinsky done for you lately? Not much in my economic opinion. Vote for Mike Vitali in Wallingford.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Why Continue To Vote For Democrats? Why More Economic Ruin?

Just curious, why do voters keep voting for Democrats in a state of one party rule? Connecticut to me seems to have massive economic problems which do not seem to go away. And the lack of solutions by the super majority ruling Democrat party in Hartford is frightening. Simplistic ideas of pushing line items off budget, saving monies by magic and the impending tax increases all spell more economic doom for our state. I ask again why do voters keep voting for Democrats in a state of one party rule? The Connecticut State Legislature seems to be a complete waste of taxpayer's monies. Nothing gets done except the passage of frivolous laws, massive increases in pet spending programs, nepotism hires at state agencies, and massive tax increases all help to create our economic nightmare for Connecticut. An economically illiterate governed state thanks to this super majority. Why let it continue any more?
November 2nd voters have a chance to end this regime. Vote this election for the Republican party and their economically wise candidates such as Tom Foley for Governor, Jeff Wright for State Treasurer, Jerry Farrell for Secretary of State, Martha Dean for Attorney General, Jack Orchulli for Controller, and Linda McMahon for United States Senator. Vote for Republican candidates for State Representative and State Senate. If you have had enough, then vote for these strong leaders for a change.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Vitali Wins Debate By Far And Wide In Wallingford

Mike Vitali by far and wide won the debate last night in Wallingford against Mary Mushinsky. Mike by far and wide needs to become our new State Representative in Wallingford's 85th District. Mushinsky by her lack of responses to jobs and the economy shows Wallingford taxpayers how out of touch with economic reality she is and how she is just focused on her own liberal agenda only which continues to force business and citizens out of our state. Mr. Vitali talked about the economy and jobs, he stated that business should not be treated like the enemy. And yet this is the same enemy that the Connecticut Democratic party loves to extract money from come election time. They hate business and industry yet want their campaign contributions.
It is this hypocrisy that proves that Mushinsky has been in office way too long, has completely lost touch with the taxpayers she supposedly represents and has absolutely no plan for economic growth in our community.
Mr. Vitali was no competition for the liberally tired current State Representative. He won the debate and he will go on to win the election in a few days. He can and will represent taxpayers in Wallingford's 85th District. It time for Mike Vitali and his leadership for our community. Vote for him and the Republican team this November.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Connecticut One Party Rule - Why?

Why do we have one party rule in Connecticut? Why do voters keep going back to Democrat candidates who have no idea how to govern, how to lead, how to be frugal with taxpayer's monies, how to cut spending, how to be business friendly and how to actually be honest with taxpayers? Thus, why do we have one party rule in Connecticut?
Our state under the leadership of the Democratic super majority since the passing of the state income tax has become a vast wasteland of unlimited and non productive state spending programs. This coupled with a mass flight of both businesses and our youth fleeing our state at any chance they get. There is little economic future in our state because of this one party rule. We have a massive budget deficit, massive unfunded future liabilities, massive inefficiencies in state government, massive taxes and massive bureaucratic burdens to the remaining businesses left here. And the blame needs to placed squarely upon the Democratic super majority for their ineptness and fraudulent way of running our state. We as taxpayers deserve better. The Donovans, Mushinskys and Blumenthals, just to name a few, all have contributed greatly to our demise.
We do have a choice. End Connecticut's one party rule in November, vote Republican for a change.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Blumenthal Death Penalty Folly-Vote For Linda

And the list of reasons to vote against Richard Blumenthal for United States Senator does not end. Besides not understanding how jobs are created he also does not understand the concept of capital punishment. When the career politician was a State Senator he basically stonewalled movement on a functional death penalty for Connecticut. This has been reported on National Review online by both Brian Bolduc and Tom Scott 10/15 and 10/16/10 . Because of his view and other Democrats, on May 2, 1990, the state senate took up H.B. 5542, which would have required a court to issue the death penalty if the aggravating factors outweighed the mitigating factors, thus the death penalty for the guilty party. Blumenthal now forgets that he spoke against the bill and helped to kill the bill. We now have with the infamous Petit murder trial the results of his and fellow Democrats stonewalling of 20 years ago, the legal fight against the death penalty for both of these murderers and the plea of taxpayers supported life in prison sentence. I wonder how fast the death penalty would be enacted if a famous Connecticut Democrats family was murdered in cold blood?
I personally am sick of career liberal politicians who have no sense of any reality of life whatsoever. I am personally sick of the lies of Richard Blumenthal. It is time for Linda McMahon to become our next Senator. Vote for Linda in this election.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another Reason to Elect Mike Vitali For Wallingford's State Representative

Yet even more reasons to elect Mike Vitali for State Representative in Wallingford's 85th District. Our current tax and spend State Representative Mushinsky pushed for new stream flow regulations during dry months back beginning in 2005. The legislation that she help passed will bring a mere $10 million dollars in new costs for the town of Wallingford since we get the bulk of our water from reservoirs. New infrastructure would have to be built and our water flow would drop dramatically, thus massive increase in costs of water. Why do we need these additional costs since everything is working well at this time? Do all taxpayers in Wallingford know of her employment with the Quinnipiac River Watershed Association as the executive director. Thus there is no conflict of interest here? She should not have any business dealing with this legislation she helped to pass.
Again just another example of Mushinsky's tax and spend policies being rammed down the throats of taxpayers in Wallingford. Who will pay for these $10 million in improvements? You and me the Wallingford water users, you and me the Wallingford taxpayers.
This blatant disregard for the people she supposedly represents is just yet another reason we need Mike Vitali as our new State Representative in Wallingford's 85th District. Vote for him in November and vote for the entire Republican ticket, enough taxation without representation at all levels of government.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How Does Dick Blumenthal Create Jobs With His Friends?

Tell me how does Dick Blumenthal create jobs? Especially with all of the business friends he has made being Attorney General? How did Blumenthal create any jobs? He has help to destroy the business climate in Connecticut. How can this be qualifications to becoming a United States Senator? What does he actually know about the economy? In my economic opinion absolutely nothing. He knows nothing of private sector job formation through the free market system and economic growth. He knows nothing of the struggles of small businesses throughout the state facing economic turmoil due to his Democratic high tax and anti business platforms. His search and destroy methods have caused more long term economic harm to our state than any past Attorney General. And he is not in any way qualified to be a United States Senator with the horrific record he has.
Voters need to send a clear message to the elite Democratic party of Connecticut. Blumenthal has nothing to offer but lies and falsehoods.
Voters will elect Linda McMahon for our new Senator in November. It is really time to end this ruling elite.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Economic Stupidity Marches On

Why would a taxpayer vote for Rosa "communist" DeLauro instead of Jerry Labriola in the Third Congressional District? Why would a taxpayer for vote for Dick "anti-business" Blumenthal instead of Linda McMahon for Connecticut Senator? Why would a Wallingford voter vote for Mary "tax and spend" Mushinsky instead of Mike Vitale for State Representative?
The economic stupidity marches on and on and on. When will taxpayers understand that the Democratic party and in particular these three individuals have done a great deal to damage our economy through their anti business, tax and spend policies. Why would you want to vote for them? Why do you wish to damage your economic future? Wake up voters before your economic freedom is totally lost.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Why Do We Keep Electing This Woman? Dump DeLauro

Why do we keep electing Rosa DeLauro in Connecticut's Third Congressional District? The district that I live in? Besides being anti business, embraces socialized medicine, embraces constant tax increases, she is also a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus which embraces its close ties with the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS), and the Communist Party.
We can also remember DeLauro embracing Communist Party Head Joelle Fishman on the front page of New Haven Register a few weeks back. That should make all of the veterans in her district be happy she is representing them through her avowed socialist themes, plans and laws. Just look at her record for the past twenty years. While we as taxpayers have been supporting her socialistic/communistic views, we have seen the self destruction of Connecticut especially in her district. Where are the business and industry that used to be in our district? Where are the jobs? Why is there still massive decline and debris in New Haven after twenty years of her rule? What has happened to our state and district? Look no further than to Rosa DeLauro and her brutal agenda stripping away freedom and the free market capitalistic system in her district. Enough is enough. Taxpayers have had enough of her communistic/socialistic views. Vote Jerry Labriola in November

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Wallingford Needs Mike Vitali

Wallingford needs Mike Vitali as its new State Representative. Mr. Vitali needs to replace the stale and failed liberal policies of Mary Mushinsky who has been in office too long. Her policies and those of her fellow Democrats in Hartford have helped to create the economic stagnation in Connecticut, help to drive out our young citizens from the state, drive business from our state and help to create the massive amount of unfunded liabilities taxpayers are now responsible for. Enough is enough of her tax and spend policies which do nothing for the betterment of our state. Taxpayers are fed up with her constant votes for increases in taxes and anti business policies.
Mike Vitali's focused plans of lower state spending, lower taxes and pro business policies are what is needed to start to stimulate our economy. We can ill afford another two years of Mushinsky's failed policies and lack of common sense to our current economic issues.
It is time to vote for Mike Vitali in Wallingford as our new State Representative.