Monday, September 13, 2010

The Rhetoric Of Politics

The rhetoric of politics. Rhetoric in the sense that we hear the same old concepts from those in power. For example here in Wallingford, State Representative Mary Mushinsky is proud of her liberal record of tax and spend. It is the same stale rhetoric we hear from her each election. Her liberalism is focused upon the environment and the expansion of Connecticut's welfare state. The rhetoric of her policies has help to create Connecticut's anti-business climate and its excessively high tax rate. In 2010 we hear more of this rhetoric from her as she is concerned about...? Families who can't afford the high taxes she helped to create over the years. It is the same rhetoric over and over again-why do voters keep voting for her?
There is a great deal of rhetoric in our Senate race also as Dick Blumenthal, the slayer of business in our state tries to purchase his Senate seat as a divine right of his political statue here in Connecticut. Blumenthal, totally uncomfortable in his role of trying to understand economic and societal issues as a candidate is miscast. He has lied about his service to our country and is trying to reinvent his boring and abusive political personality. It is truly the same old rhetoric of a failed politician who has never worked a productive day in his life.
I do not hear any rhetoric from Republican Mike Vitale who is running against his rhetorical tax and spend opponent. And Linda McMahon brings a common sense approach to becoming our next Senator breaking apart the Blumenthal good old boys rhetoric club. End the political rhetoric, vote for Linda McMahon and Mike Vitale in November.

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