Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Political Pureness Of Economic Illiteracy

There is a pureness to the economic illiteracy that I see at all levels of government. Elected political officials who act like they know everything about how the economy works and then make stupid economically illiterate remarks to go along with their equally stupid economically illiterate programs they force down upon businesses and taxpayers in our economy.
Let us look at some examples of this economic illiteracy in action. On a state level we have a massive budget deficit along a massive amount of unfunded pension liabilities. The Democratic super majority decides to move false accounting figures around and the net result is that they supposedly take credit for a balanced budget? How this is possible is beyond me. Connecticut is broke and one of the highest taxed states in the country.
The Federal economic nightmare is much more complex and I personally do not have enough time to write about all the economic corruption and economic illiteracy that goes on in Washington. Some highlights are an Obama economic stimulus program which has increased the national debt, done nothing other than increase unemployment, done nothing other than be a ticket to raise taxes on all who work and paid favorites to those who politically align themselves with this administration. What is the federal governments plan to balance the budget, pay for unfunded liabilities and pay off the national debt? Economic federal illiteracy at its best. Sort of like the supposed economic qualifications of Dick Blumenthal to become our Senator when he has not worked a day in his life and taxpayers have supported him and his ruthless anti business, anti economy nature his entire career. Sort of like Rosa DeLauro and her embracing a communist and voting for every tax increase and massive spending plan that has come her way in her years of non productivity in Washington. Sort of like Chris Dodd and his economic gains through his office that he continues to deny and that taxpayers must support him once he leaves office for the rest of his life.
There is a pureness to the economic illiteracy that I see daily. And I also see that taxpayers have had enough. I am drinking my tea while writing this-let the party begin by voting these economic illiterate fools out of office in November.

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