Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Democratic Troubles

There is a great deal of trouble on the horizon for the Democratic party on both state and national level. The years of poor/non existent leadership, failed programs, failed economic policies, excessive taxation, corruption, greed, excessive state and national debt have all taken a toll on voters and taxpayers of our state and country.
Enough is enough. Common sense and honesty does not exist in Hartford and Washington. Change in a corrupt fashion occured at both levels of government. And there is a great deal of animosity and mistrust of government. We are sick of the lies.
The election in November is fast approaching. Voters and taxpayers have had enough. It is time to elect leaders who can actual lead.
Vote for Mike Vitale for State Representative In Wallingford, Dave Yaccarino for State Representative 87th District in North Haven, Jerry Labriola for United States House of Representatives and Linda McMahon for United States Senator. This time really vote for change.

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