Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Democratic Economic Lies

There are many. Lies that is. From Washington to Hartford to Wallingford. Does Chris Murphy really think Connecticut has turned the corner and is improving? While Connecticut now has the 4th highest unemployment rate in the country? I guess he needs to say that to try to desperately get reelected. Chris Donovan, our do nothing Connecticut House Speaker states that the budget was balanced with no new taxes except for those remaining $1,000,000 income earners (who leave as fast as they can due to these new taxes). What about the billions of unfunded liabilities the state owes? How is that called a balanced budget Mr. Donovan? In Wallingford the Queen of tax and spend Mary Mushinsky is strangely quiet in this campaign, fearful for her political life due to the economic blunders she has forced down the taxpayers of Wallingford and the state. Murphy, Donovan and Mushinsky all show their economic illiteracy by these statements and actions. I guess this is something for Democrats to be proud of, mess up the state's economy to the point of no return and then blame the Republicans. Only in November 2010 voters are no longer buying their continued failed promises of higher spending and higher taxes. Economic Growth. Ruined by Democrats at all levels of government.

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