Monday, September 27, 2010

Clinton Can't Save Blumenthal-Senator McMahon

Bill Clinton can't save Dick Blumenthal. Dick Blumenthal has done enough damage to our state as Attorney General that even the supposed savior, Bill Clinton can't save him. There is not much to get excited about Dick Blumenthal. He is arrogant, has a large ego, lies, is anti-business, is anti-economic growth, and has not offered any platforms as a candidate for Senator. He is probably the worse candidate the Democrats could run this year in Connecticut. As much as the Democrats will start their smear campaign against Linda McMahon it will not work due to her economic plan of action when she becomes Senator. She is articulate and has a pro business, pro economic growth platform that she is running on. Dick Blumenthal is running on air, a great deal of rhethoric and lies.
Linda McMahon will win in November. Connecticut taxpayers and voters have had enough of the damage that Dick Blumenthal has inflicted upon our state. He will be gone in a few months and hopefully we have seen the last of his turmoil brought to Connecticut taxpayers.

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