Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chris Dodd And His Continuing Socialist Agenda

Our sweetheart mortgage deal Senator Dodd never ceases to amaze me with his outright disregard for the people of Connecticut. Back on his socialistic track since he only has a few more months of supreme power left, he has authored a bill S.1619 titled the “Livable Communities Act.” What a socialists dream! From what I have read about this bill which has been totally ignored by the mainstream media and was brought to my attention by my fellow journalist/economist-The Armchair Economist,, the bill focuses on restricted land use, redistribution of wealth and population control. All while the taxpayers will be on the hook for $4 billion of new deficit spending and the development of yet another highly inept and overpaid czar. The arguments that Dodd presents for this bill is that it adds uniformity to control development to save energy and to preserve rural areas. And why do we need this? Aren't local governments responsible for their own land development without federal government interference? All this bill does is mandates the Federal Government to dictate to local governments what can be built on their land, how much land can be used for housing, what types of houses can be built, what types of appliances can go into those homes, and ultimately lead to massive local property tax increases.
Chris Dodd once again has crossed the line with Connecticut taxpayers. He has become a ruthless dictator of socialist programs while allowing himself the economic spoils of his political power. He will be gone in a few months only to have the taxpayers of America support him for the rest of his life. What an economic tragedy that we must endure. Oh and by the way vote Linda McMahon so that Dodd's brother Dick Blumenthal does not start his power grab in the Senate.

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