Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Democratic Troubles

There is a great deal of trouble on the horizon for the Democratic party on both state and national level. The years of poor/non existent leadership, failed programs, failed economic policies, excessive taxation, corruption, greed, excessive state and national debt have all taken a toll on voters and taxpayers of our state and country.
Enough is enough. Common sense and honesty does not exist in Hartford and Washington. Change in a corrupt fashion occured at both levels of government. And there is a great deal of animosity and mistrust of government. We are sick of the lies.
The election in November is fast approaching. Voters and taxpayers have had enough. It is time to elect leaders who can actual lead.
Vote for Mike Vitale for State Representative In Wallingford, Dave Yaccarino for State Representative 87th District in North Haven, Jerry Labriola for United States House of Representatives and Linda McMahon for United States Senator. This time really vote for change.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Clinton Can't Save Blumenthal-Senator McMahon

Bill Clinton can't save Dick Blumenthal. Dick Blumenthal has done enough damage to our state as Attorney General that even the supposed savior, Bill Clinton can't save him. There is not much to get excited about Dick Blumenthal. He is arrogant, has a large ego, lies, is anti-business, is anti-economic growth, and has not offered any platforms as a candidate for Senator. He is probably the worse candidate the Democrats could run this year in Connecticut. As much as the Democrats will start their smear campaign against Linda McMahon it will not work due to her economic plan of action when she becomes Senator. She is articulate and has a pro business, pro economic growth platform that she is running on. Dick Blumenthal is running on air, a great deal of rhethoric and lies.
Linda McMahon will win in November. Connecticut taxpayers and voters have had enough of the damage that Dick Blumenthal has inflicted upon our state. He will be gone in a few months and hopefully we have seen the last of his turmoil brought to Connecticut taxpayers.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Czech President Vaclav Klaus Stands Up To The United Nations

Czech President Vaclav Klaus stood up to the United Nations in his comments telling the UN to get out of economics. In his brilliant response on economics to Swiss President of the General Assembly, Joseph Deiss, he stated that national governments should be in charge of their economies and that to resolve the global economic crisis did not need more super global agencies like the UN is proposing. Klaus stated,
"On the contrary, this is the time for international organizations, including the United Nations, to reduce their expenditures, make their administrations thinner, and leave the solutions to the governments of member states,".
Well stated President Klaus, who is a free market economist. The United Nations has proven time and time again that it can not solve any issue and is just a large, bloated bureaucracy that wastes United States taxpayers dollars in my economic opinion. It is corrupt and economically not needed in 2010. We all should listen to Czech President Vaclav Klaus.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Your Household Net Worth Has Dropped Again

Did you notice that your household net worth has dropped again? Did you notice that in most cases your are receiving .10% on bank savings/checking accounts? Did you notice your taxes go up again on a local, state and federal level? Did you notice your income has become stagnant (at one college that I teach at I have not gotten a raise in eight years)? Did you notice that credit is still brutal to obtain? Did you notice that the Obama administration has stated repeatedly that the recession is over? Or is it? Did you notice the mood of taxpayers in our country?
Recent economic statistics again have pointed to another drop in personal and household net worth. Your assets have once again decreased due to the lack of pro business, anti-tax and pro economic growth polices which are formulated in Washington. The economic policies coming out of Washington are childish, elementary and feeble. They are also illogical as once again pro Keynesian spending policies are failing our economy and creating mountainous debt for our future. All in the name of political expediency and political gain.
Did you notice that your household net worth has dropped again? Please take even more notice when you vote in November.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Political Pureness Of Economic Illiteracy

There is a pureness to the economic illiteracy that I see at all levels of government. Elected political officials who act like they know everything about how the economy works and then make stupid economically illiterate remarks to go along with their equally stupid economically illiterate programs they force down upon businesses and taxpayers in our economy.
Let us look at some examples of this economic illiteracy in action. On a state level we have a massive budget deficit along a massive amount of unfunded pension liabilities. The Democratic super majority decides to move false accounting figures around and the net result is that they supposedly take credit for a balanced budget? How this is possible is beyond me. Connecticut is broke and one of the highest taxed states in the country.
The Federal economic nightmare is much more complex and I personally do not have enough time to write about all the economic corruption and economic illiteracy that goes on in Washington. Some highlights are an Obama economic stimulus program which has increased the national debt, done nothing other than increase unemployment, done nothing other than be a ticket to raise taxes on all who work and paid favorites to those who politically align themselves with this administration. What is the federal governments plan to balance the budget, pay for unfunded liabilities and pay off the national debt? Economic federal illiteracy at its best. Sort of like the supposed economic qualifications of Dick Blumenthal to become our Senator when he has not worked a day in his life and taxpayers have supported him and his ruthless anti business, anti economy nature his entire career. Sort of like Rosa DeLauro and her embracing a communist and voting for every tax increase and massive spending plan that has come her way in her years of non productivity in Washington. Sort of like Chris Dodd and his economic gains through his office that he continues to deny and that taxpayers must support him once he leaves office for the rest of his life.
There is a pureness to the economic illiteracy that I see daily. And I also see that taxpayers have had enough. I am drinking my tea while writing this-let the party begin by voting these economic illiterate fools out of office in November.

Monday, September 20, 2010

2010 The Year Of Political Upsets

I know it is early but in my economic opinion 2010 will represent the year of political upsets. Upsets at all levels of government, Federal, State and Local. Economics is the driving issue this election at all levels of government. Excessive taxation, poor and inefficient governmental spending, massive government debt, failed Keynesian economic policies, laws which are passed that are unread and unknown as to the non related amendments to the law, earmarks, disrespect to opposing views, disrespect to business, disrespect to our military, no new solutions to economic problems, and a failure to provide a free market economic environment to create jobs and economic growth. These issues are directly attributed those currently in power, the Dodds of the Senate, the DeLauros of the House and the Mushinskys of the State House. All have failed miserably in economic policies which only promote their aristocracy and help to create the serfs they so love to rule.
2010 will be the year of upsets. Linda McMahon has fresh economic views in her run for the Senate. Jerry Labriola has fresh economic views in his run for the House. And Mike Vitali has fresh economic views in his run for the State House. Let us restore our economy to the way it should be: robust, vibrant and growing.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chris Dodd And His Continuing Socialist Agenda

Our sweetheart mortgage deal Senator Dodd never ceases to amaze me with his outright disregard for the people of Connecticut. Back on his socialistic track since he only has a few more months of supreme power left, he has authored a bill S.1619 titled the “Livable Communities Act.” What a socialists dream! From what I have read about this bill which has been totally ignored by the mainstream media and was brought to my attention by my fellow journalist/economist-The Armchair Economist,, the bill focuses on restricted land use, redistribution of wealth and population control. All while the taxpayers will be on the hook for $4 billion of new deficit spending and the development of yet another highly inept and overpaid czar. The arguments that Dodd presents for this bill is that it adds uniformity to control development to save energy and to preserve rural areas. And why do we need this? Aren't local governments responsible for their own land development without federal government interference? All this bill does is mandates the Federal Government to dictate to local governments what can be built on their land, how much land can be used for housing, what types of houses can be built, what types of appliances can go into those homes, and ultimately lead to massive local property tax increases.
Chris Dodd once again has crossed the line with Connecticut taxpayers. He has become a ruthless dictator of socialist programs while allowing himself the economic spoils of his political power. He will be gone in a few months only to have the taxpayers of America support him for the rest of his life. What an economic tragedy that we must endure. Oh and by the way vote Linda McMahon so that Dodd's brother Dick Blumenthal does not start his power grab in the Senate.

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Rhetoric Of Politics

The rhetoric of politics. Rhetoric in the sense that we hear the same old concepts from those in power. For example here in Wallingford, State Representative Mary Mushinsky is proud of her liberal record of tax and spend. It is the same stale rhetoric we hear from her each election. Her liberalism is focused upon the environment and the expansion of Connecticut's welfare state. The rhetoric of her policies has help to create Connecticut's anti-business climate and its excessively high tax rate. In 2010 we hear more of this rhetoric from her as she is concerned about...? Families who can't afford the high taxes she helped to create over the years. It is the same rhetoric over and over again-why do voters keep voting for her?
There is a great deal of rhetoric in our Senate race also as Dick Blumenthal, the slayer of business in our state tries to purchase his Senate seat as a divine right of his political statue here in Connecticut. Blumenthal, totally uncomfortable in his role of trying to understand economic and societal issues as a candidate is miscast. He has lied about his service to our country and is trying to reinvent his boring and abusive political personality. It is truly the same old rhetoric of a failed politician who has never worked a productive day in his life.
I do not hear any rhetoric from Republican Mike Vitale who is running against his rhetorical tax and spend opponent. And Linda McMahon brings a common sense approach to becoming our next Senator breaking apart the Blumenthal good old boys rhetoric club. End the political rhetoric, vote for Linda McMahon and Mike Vitale in November.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Democratic Economic Lies

There are many. Lies that is. From Washington to Hartford to Wallingford. Does Chris Murphy really think Connecticut has turned the corner and is improving? While Connecticut now has the 4th highest unemployment rate in the country? I guess he needs to say that to try to desperately get reelected. Chris Donovan, our do nothing Connecticut House Speaker states that the budget was balanced with no new taxes except for those remaining $1,000,000 income earners (who leave as fast as they can due to these new taxes). What about the billions of unfunded liabilities the state owes? How is that called a balanced budget Mr. Donovan? In Wallingford the Queen of tax and spend Mary Mushinsky is strangely quiet in this campaign, fearful for her political life due to the economic blunders she has forced down the taxpayers of Wallingford and the state. Murphy, Donovan and Mushinsky all show their economic illiteracy by these statements and actions. I guess this is something for Democrats to be proud of, mess up the state's economy to the point of no return and then blame the Republicans. Only in November 2010 voters are no longer buying their continued failed promises of higher spending and higher taxes. Economic Growth. Ruined by Democrats at all levels of government.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

The Connecticut Secretary of State Race-Vote Jerry Farrell

The Connecticut Secretary of State race is an interesting one in 2010. We have seen the political self destruction of the current Secretary of State and the current Democratic candidate Denise Merrill is unsure as to what was saved or spent in her current role as House Majority Leader. With the economic debacle that has transpired under her leadership why would you want to vote for her as Secretary of State and keep her on the state's payroll? Why is she qualified to be Secretary of State? Because she is owed a Democratic political favor?
The Republican candidate is the current Consumer Protection Commissioner, Jerry Farrell, Jr. As Commissioner, Mr. Farrell has saved the state a substantial amount of monies by implementing a system consolidating the Department’s records and licensing systems. Once implemented, he asked another agency to abandon its own similar plan and brought that agency into the Consumer Protection Agency system saving taxpayer’s millions of dollars. I wonder how much Denise Merrill has cost the state in her reign? Billions of dollars in my economic opinion. Mr. Farrell also wishes to streamline the Secretary of State's office and make it user friendly for small businesses. He also will consolidate and create cost saving measures for state taxpayers.
I am personally tired of seeing the under ticket for state government be a retirement home for the Democratic party in Connecticut with absolutely no new ideas as to how to run the office. We have a logical choice in November as we have only one candidate who is willing to save taxpayers monies. Vote for Republican Jerry Farrell, Jr. for Secretary of State.