Sunday, August 15, 2010

Vote for Mike Vitali in the 85th District

Mike Vitali is running for State Representative trying to earn votes to represent Wallingford in the 85th District. He is running against the Queen of tax and spend State Representative Mary Mushinsky who has been in office way too long and has been totally ineffective in representing us for too many years. He is an articulate young man who would have the best interests of Wallingford at heart. He is a local graduate of our school system and has been active in our community. He has refreshing ideas about the excessive taxes we pay in our state, concerned about his generation fleeing our state for better opportunities out of state and is worried about the massive debt Connecticut has. He is a breath of fresh air in this election. He is deserving of your vote in November. Change is essential in Hartford, Mike Vitali can lead that change for us in November. Please vote for him.

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Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Having seen this dynamic young man in action, I can assure you and your readers that none of you will be disappointed with Mike.