Monday, August 30, 2010

The Lost Senate Seat-Or Why Linda Will Win

Dick Blumenthal is lost. He in my economic opinion has lost the Senate race. He has no plan whatsoever. I am clueless as to where he stands on any issue other than he lied about his service to our country and has made a career being an anti business lawsuit in your face Attorney General. And he has help to make our state one of the most anti-business states in the country.
All the characteristics of what you want in a United States Senator-he actually would be a good follow for the equally economically illiterate and the on the take Chris Dodd, who still does not understand his sweetheart mortgage deal. What a debacle.
Linda McMahon will win this Senate seat. She actually has an economic plan that makes sense. This from her website:
“People create jobs, not governments.”

Washington got the stimulus dead wrong. In a matter of months, Washington spent trillions of dollars and ran it all through government bureaucracy. Instead of creating new private sector jobs, we got more job losses, bigger government and more debt — more than $13 trillion in federal debt that will cause long-term harm to the economy.

I believe government’s role in economic recovery must be to help create an environment where small businesses can succeed and grow. Small businesses have historically created 70% of new jobs — jobs that are self-sustaining and have a multiplier effect. Government jobs don’t do that. To grow, small businesses need a reduced tax burden and predictability so that they can plan and make investments. The economy is trying to recover, but Washington won’t let it. It is spending too much and creating tax and regulatory uncertainty that is paralyzing small businesses and stifling job creation.

It’s time for Washington to take an honest assessment, recognize these economic policies are failing and change course. We need to stop government growth and deficit spending. Smaller government will decrease the tax burden on small businesses and it will help reduce debilitating federal regulations that make it difficult to impossible for small businesses to plan for the future, expand and create jobs.

Dick Blumenthal has lost-he knows nothing about economics. Vote for Linda on election day.

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