Saturday, July 31, 2010

$6 Million Of Taxpayer's Monies Wasted

Connecticut Taxpayers do not have representation in Hartford. We have instead taxation without representation. We have a massive state deficit which now throws away an additional $6 million dollars of taxpayers monies on a liberal, wasteful, non productive Utopian political program which does not nothing to balance or make more competitive campaigns in our state. It is obvious if one is running for a national or high state office one needs to be wealthy. And then invest a great deal of that wealth in buying the position he or she wishes. It is comical. The Citizens' Election Program is a waste of time and money and does nothing for our state except to keep in power the economically illiterate Democratic super majority. We need this law to be repealed and for it top stop wasting our money. Connecticut is basically bankrupt. Democrats in Hartford need to understand this and that they are the cause of our economic debacle also.

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