Tuesday, July 13, 2010

0.01% Interest Rates

I have studied economic history for many years now. In our economic history there have been many credit crises. Each one has been marked by some sort of speculative economic issue that has taken place to help cause it, this past one by the subprime debacle.
Today 0.01% interest rates are currently being paid on many savings and checking accounts. And the banks are borrowing from the Fed at 0% interest and reinvesting that money in Fed/Governmental securities at 2-3% while they do not wish to lend money out nor pay more than .01% on savings/checking accounts. I have a severe issue with this especially when banks are not lending money out especially to small businesses. Why are they not lending money to the backbone of our economy?
The banks and Fed are in my economic opinion doing a great job in prolonging our recession along with an economically illiterate Congress and President. Consumers should be fleeing banks as fast as they can given this negative interest rate. They should be flocking to Credit Unions. And the supposed financial reform does nothing to reform our financial system, it is a half baked fantasy of Chris Dodd and Barney Frank, both who were equally responsible for the subprime crisis.
0.01% interest, have you had enough?

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David X Johnson said...

It's a shell game, Bob. The Fed is using the banks as a proxy to buy the U.S. debt.

The Treasury borrows money from you and I, gives the money to the banks for zero interest, who use it to buy up the debt owed to us. In the end, the interest we pay on debt goes to the banks. The oligarchy has captured the Congress and defeated any meaningful change.

What's the answer? Stop spending beyond our means!