Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Mike Vitali For State Representative In Wallingford's 85th District

Can you imagine serving for 30 years and see the state becoming one of the highest taxed states in the country, have one of the highest debts and borrowing to finance this debt in the country, have one of the greatest exodus of young people leave the state in the country, have one of the worse anti business atmospheres in the country due to a egotistical Attorney General that you back and just see your bond rating drop due to your excessive state spending? Presiding over this social and economic debacle has been State Representative Mary Mushinsky. And why do Wallingford voters keep bringing her back to office? For several years it has been because the Republicans could not field a candidate.
As was the case in 2008 and now in 2010, a strong, viable and conservative candidate has emerged from the wreckage called representation. Mike Vitali will run against the Mushinsky and Democratic political machine this fall. He will be running as a David against the Goliath of tax and spend in Hartford. He will be running against a liberal who has helped to decay Connecticut through massive social welfare programs and irrational laws.
Mr. Vitali offers a refreshing change to the stale policies and theories of Representative Mushinsky. His thoughts on jobs, taxes and spending are unique. He actually feels that taxpayers do not have an infinite amount of money to spend on unlimited taxes to fuel wasteful state programs. He is concerned with the younger generation fleeing the state. He feels the state wastes a great deal of money.
I will be talking more about Mr. Vitali in the coming months. He is a breath of fresh air for the taxpayers of Wallingford and he deserves your vote in November.

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