Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The Blame Of The Oil Spill

Politicians in my economic opinion love a good crisis. They can work the media to their advantage looking and feeling important. They try to show who is in charge and why they are so good at what they do. A crisis can stroke a politician's ego to the point of no return.
Thus as of today, I feel we are at a point of no return economically with the massive oil spill in Louisiana which still has been capped nor looks like it will be capped any time soon. However, we have a great deal of the political blame game carrying on with the media enjoying each minute of this crisis. I personally feel sorry for those businesses who will probably go under from this, all the new unemployed of the region and the massive losses of wildlife that has taken place. It is a tragedy of enormous proportions.
Yet I see no leadership from the President. He seems confused that a crisis of this magnitude needs to be addressed. He seems confused that the American public does not like the way he governs (if one can actually can call it governing). His embracing of government solving all of the problems of our country and the world for that matter seems to be imploding. And the oil keeps flowing with no end in sight. The American public can embrace that the end of governing by this President will mercifully end in 2012. Or did it ever begin?

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David X Johnson said...

Expect another episode of "wag the dog" and rumors of war next.