Saturday, May 08, 2010

What Are 290,000 Jobs to 20 Million People Unemployed?

How many people are really unemployed in our economy? And what is really being done to create private sector jobs in our economy? A published 9.9% unemployment rate is more like a 17% unemployment rate when taking into account those who have given up looking for work and are off unemployment roles, still out of work. The supposed great news twisted by our biased media of 290,000 new jobs coupled with an increase of the established unemployment rate to 9.9% is ridiculous. It follows no fundamental economic logic whatsoever. It is horrendous employment news in my economic opinion. We still have massive unemployment and this administration has now had 17 months to try to do something other than forcing socialistic economic policies down our economy's throat which have further eroded our job market. 290,000 jobs are meaningless to the millions who are unemployed today. This band aid is useless to the overall job market. Let the free market system create new jobs through lower taxes, less governmental regulations and a balanced governmental budget with a forceful plan to eliminate the national debt. Try telling that to those who are unemployed. By the way who got those 290,000 jobs? Democratic story tellers?

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David X Johnson said...


Calculating Risk create a pretty compelling chart that speaks volumes. It will be years before we recover the lost jobs.