Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Taxpayers Can You Spare Me $148 Billion?

Taxpayers can you spare me $148 billion. I am Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. This is is the amount I have cost you so far in the bailouts of us. I am bankrupt but you as a taxpayer must continue to prop me up. I have to continue to back loans which I know will never be paid back. All in the good faith of the Democratic party which made people buy homes who could never afford them and keep them there without having to pay their mortgages. In an effort to buy votes. I ask again taxpayers can you spare me $148 billion?
After all $148 billion in a $12 trillion dollar national debt is meaningless. We are a bankrupt country. Economics is meaningless to the Obama Administration and Democratic Congress. The continual taxpayer bailout of these failed mortgages and loans needs to end today. These mortgages will not become better by throwing money at them. It is an economic disgrace to taxpayers for it to continue. Rather than blaming the banking industry, the blame for this economic debacle may be found by the Obama Administration and the Democratic Congress.

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