Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How Is The Blumenthal Flap Over?

Just because he sent an email apology. What a coward, he could not even do it front of his cronies or for that matter even real Vietnam veterans who actually fought in Vietnam. Dick Blumenthal did everything he could to avoid service and time in Vietnam. And he has the audacity to ask these same veterans and families of those who lost their loved ones fighting in Vietnam to vote for him. Why? Why does Dick Blumenthal feel privileged now? After his lies about his service. About his disrespect for the Uniform of the United States Marines. It is absurd that he should even be running with his now soiled and tarnished image. His image of making Connecticut an anti business state with its egotistical and self serving Attorney General.
And his campaign just feels that it is behind them now and they can really attack Linda McMahon. Why? Because in my opinion the flap is not over, nor will it be over until after the election when Dick Blumenthal loses his campaign and Connecticut voters actually speak out against this liar.
Senator McMahon. Change not a lie.

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