Sunday, April 04, 2010

Unemployment Rages On

Yes unemployment rages on. There is no end in sight. There is no economic plan, no economic rationalization, no free market incentives, nothing. Washington is lost in its own self actualization, self glorification, self awareness of how great they are. However they have absolutely no economic plan to deal with unemployment.
16 months into this Administration of wonder and economic illiiteracy, we still have massive levels of unemployment, massive tax increases on the horizon and little if any positive economic news. All due to the fact of a poor, non existent economic plan that this Administration has chosen to follow.
Unemployment continues to rage, two years of unemployment benefits is ridiculous and not needed. Free market incentives are essential to get our economy back on its feet. You think that in 16 months it could have been done-tell that to those who are unemployed.
Remember this when you vote in November.

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David X Johnson said...

The Community Organizer in Chief told us that if we committed trillions on stimulus right away that the worst unemployment would get was 8% ... but we had to shove that stimulus bill through right away. Don't even bother to read it ... just pass it. It's an emergency. Really?

Check out this chart. Notice that the last two recessions have elongated into jobless recoveries and this one is going to be at least two years, probably more in the recovery. I mean, wow! I'm so glad we spent trillions on pork. Imagine how bad it would have been otherwise.

It's a national joke. Even the economic illiterate know that it's a joke. The administration keeps pouring the cool-aid though and telling us all to shut up and drink it. I say no. Out with all career incumbents in November (if we last that long).