Monday, April 26, 2010

Does Financial Reform Mean Continuous Bailouts?

No, I am skeptical about a financial reform bill that still inhibits the free market and credit systems. I am skeptical since it still allows for massive bailouts of private financial systems by allowing the FDIC to continue to borrow taxpayers monies to help finance these same companies financial woes. Banks still being viewed as bad guys by this administration yet both parties still reap their rewards of campaign donations that these same banks give to them. Just look at the millions of dollars and favors that Chris Dodd has received from this sector. Thus financial reform in Dodd's eyes still means constant bailouts using taxpayers funds. A dependent financial system with no end in sight. This bill is an useless waste of time for all. Just as this Congress is an useless waste of taxpayers monies, bailout or no. Financial reform does mean constant bailouts-forever.

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