Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Connecticut Youth-Going, Going, Gone

It is almost graduation time. My daughter will be graduating along with many of her peers in May from the University of Connecticut. UConn is supposedly less expensive than private schools but more expensive than other state schools. To date myself I spent less than $500 a semester with books to attend a state college back in the late 70's. Luckily my daughter got a CA position and was spared the costs of room for her last two years of college. Financial aid is really not seen for Connecticut residents attending state schools. Thus the cost of education is rationed by value and its costs. Still a 4 year state school education cost over $75,000+ just for tuition and room and board. Not counting expensive books, computers and personal expenses.
However many students who were born in this state will leave for graduate school out of state. This is due to several reasons including not being accepted by state colleges (as in my daughter's case and many of her friends)and for better opportunities out of our state. Thus the brain drain of the best and brightest will continue. Connecticut does little to retain its youth. An expensive bureaucracy of a higher education system, poor leadership, excessive taxes, high real estate costs and few jobs will continue to drive generation upon generation of our youth out of Connecticut. The losses are staggering. And the silence deafening by our supposed leaders in retaining our youth.

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