Wednesday, April 28, 2010

When Illegal Means Democrat Votes

Such a fuss over the new Arizona Immigration Law. In my economic opinion this new law will help their economy and law enforcement agencies. I am confused by liberals and Democrats who do not understand that an illegal immigrant is here illegally and it is against the law for them to be here. These same laws that should be enforced and are not are paid for by taxpayers like you and me. We do not see positive economic results when you have people breaking the law like these illegal immigrants. Why is it difficult to understand that illegal immigrants are here in our country illegally and need to be sent back to their countries? My grandparents legally immigrated to the United States, become United States citizens and worked all of their lives without any type of governmental aid. They helped to make our country. Illegal immigrants do not help in this manner, they are a huge drain to our states economies.
But I know that the Democrat party can not wait to make all of those illegal immigrants legal so they get them registered and working/voting for their party. Thus illegal in this case is a means to the end, another Democratic vote for more damage to our economy.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Does Financial Reform Mean Continuous Bailouts?

No, I am skeptical about a financial reform bill that still inhibits the free market and credit systems. I am skeptical since it still allows for massive bailouts of private financial systems by allowing the FDIC to continue to borrow taxpayers monies to help finance these same companies financial woes. Banks still being viewed as bad guys by this administration yet both parties still reap their rewards of campaign donations that these same banks give to them. Just look at the millions of dollars and favors that Chris Dodd has received from this sector. Thus financial reform in Dodd's eyes still means constant bailouts using taxpayers funds. A dependent financial system with no end in sight. This bill is an useless waste of time for all. Just as this Congress is an useless waste of taxpayers monies, bailout or no. Financial reform does mean constant bailouts-forever.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Democrats Dilemma Of Money

What are the Democrats going to do with their big, bad campaign donations from Goldman Sachs and other big, bad financial institutions they shake money down from? And why do these same companies feel compelled to give this money? Locally politicians like Dick Blumenthal now takes campaign contributions from PACs in this Senatorial campaign-desperate for cash to buy his way into the Senate, apparently trying to emulate Chris Dodd who never met cash he would turn down. Maybe taxpayers of Connecticut can remember that in his legacy. Thus money flows freely to the Democrats in one hand and in the other hand we hear the constant condemnation of the free market, capitalistic system. It is ironic to taxpayers that we are forced to accept this situation as part of the corruptness of campaign contribution shakedowns.
Voters will change this come November. The Democrats dilemma of money.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Chris Dodd and His Never Ending Bailout of Himself

Chris Dodd has a huge never ending and never satisfying ego. As a Connecticut taxpayer he has also done nothing for me economically nor does he really understand our economy as shown by his latest debacle of a financial reform bill. Bailouts or shakedowns of companies going under apparently will be financed by taxes on these companies who will be called in to merge with the financially insolvent company. Those who use these companies will naturally have to pay these taxes meaning you and I the consumer. The new type of bailouts to me will be viewed in political rather than economic terms. Again the bill is massive in length, no one has been able to read through it and it does nothing other than add a new level of regulation with no other purpose than to add more socialism to our economy. Thus what is the point of the new Dodd bill? Economically I do not understand Dodd's logic nor do I understand why he is still representing Connecticut?
Dodd's never ending bailout of himself, the companies that have donated to his campaigns and his unethical behavior mercifully comes to a halt in a few months. This bill represents just another waste of taxpayer's monies by Chris Dodd.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Two Presidents of Southern Connecticut State University At Connecticut Taxpayer's Expense

Now let me try to figure this waste of Connecticut taxpayer's monies. Southern Connecticut State University had a capable President in Cheryl Norton. She apparently was not wanted by Connecticut State University System Chancellor David G. Carter, who apparently can hire and fire at will with no checks or balances in the state's University system. He hires Stanley Battle, former president of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, as the new interim president of Southern. Apparently Battle and Carter were colleagues at Eastern Connecticut State University when Carter was Eastern's president in the 1990s, hey so what's wrong with a little cronyism in education at taxpayer's expense? Thus taxpayers will be footing a the bill for two Southern Presidents and we are not allowed to know why Norton was dismissed in the first place. Norton still gets paid for one year at $280,000 plus while Battle gets paid for the same position at $280,000 plus. What a waste of taxpayer's monies in the time of an economic crisis.
And by the way as a graduate of Southern, do not ever bother asking me a for a donation to the school again. If you can afford two presidents, then you have more than enough money to operate your school.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Opposition Starts-The Mushinsky Survey

I enjoy state elections. I am always optimistic of change, when Democrats at a state and national level are voted out of office and responsible governing might actually take place in both Hartford and Washington. It is the time of year when "concerned" State Representatives like Wallingford's Mary Mushinsky send out their surveys to try to show they somehow care about what taxpayers actually think. Her survey which I received in the mail yesterday is comical in nature. She has many teaser questions-what are our concerns and what do we fear? Why should we fear anything if we actually had leadership and effective government in Hartford and Washington? And since Mushinsky has been in office for so many years overseeing this economic debacle has developed with her Democratic Super Majority in Hartford, I would venture to guess that most taxpayers in her district fear two more years of Democrat rule in Hartford coupled with still yet higher taxes and higher spending. Her party's budget offers yet $353+ million in higher spending while the state is
$500+million in a deficit and has the audacity to ask if we as taxpayers favor or do not favor yet even higher taxes in the state. There is no economic reasoning whatsoever by Mushinsky and her fellow Democrats. They are the reason why Connecticut is #1 in taxes, virtually last in new job development and economic growth. The Democrats should actually take responsibility for their lack of leadership in Hartford.
The opposition has started, surveys like hers do nothing for overburdened taxpayers in her District. She will ignore them as she has done in the past and continue to vote for higher spending and higher taxes. We can no longer afford in Connecticut a Democratic Super Majority. The time is now for change.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Still No Word On Health Costs And New Taxes

The super secret 2000+ page socialist health care bill is still really not being discussed in depth by the administration. The administrations fears are well founded once citizens and small business owners start seeing the higher costs for more limited health care and new taxes which this socialized health care bill brings to them. Taxpayers will be even more up in arms over the now runaway national debt which soon will be unable to be financed through treasury sales. No prudent investor will want to buy it any more.
All for the sake of limited and rationed care. All for the beauty of an elitist President who has no sense of economic reality in his dream socialist state he is trying to create for our country. All for the lies he told throughout the campaign about cooperation and lack of transparency.
And I still have no word on health care costs and new taxes by the administration.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Bysiewicz-Blumenthal-What Is A Title Anyways?

I could have saved a great deal of money in lawyer's fees if I had known that Susan Bysiewicz represented me for all the years she has been a Secretary of State. For the closings, and all the other areas of legal issues that I had I forgot just to give her a call. She was actually representing me and as such I did not need to pay all of those fees for the past 11 years, she could have handled it all (and I am sure at no charge also). Stupid me.
The Connecticut Democratic party has shown even more so how out of touch it is in governing with this ridiculous waste of taxpayers monies now for Bysiewicz and her political goals. It is bad enough they have a horrendous and inept Senatorial candidate in Richard Blumenthal and his liberal/anti business views coupled now with a non lawyer wanting the highest legal job in the state. What a farce of government.
A Republican tide is brewing in our liberal, anti-business, highly taxed state. Maybe sanity can be restored come November.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Connecticut Youth-Going, Going, Gone

It is almost graduation time. My daughter will be graduating along with many of her peers in May from the University of Connecticut. UConn is supposedly less expensive than private schools but more expensive than other state schools. To date myself I spent less than $500 a semester with books to attend a state college back in the late 70's. Luckily my daughter got a CA position and was spared the costs of room for her last two years of college. Financial aid is really not seen for Connecticut residents attending state schools. Thus the cost of education is rationed by value and its costs. Still a 4 year state school education cost over $75,000+ just for tuition and room and board. Not counting expensive books, computers and personal expenses.
However many students who were born in this state will leave for graduate school out of state. This is due to several reasons including not being accepted by state colleges (as in my daughter's case and many of her friends)and for better opportunities out of our state. Thus the brain drain of the best and brightest will continue. Connecticut does little to retain its youth. An expensive bureaucracy of a higher education system, poor leadership, excessive taxes, high real estate costs and few jobs will continue to drive generation upon generation of our youth out of Connecticut. The losses are staggering. And the silence deafening by our supposed leaders in retaining our youth.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Unemployment Rages On

Yes unemployment rages on. There is no end in sight. There is no economic plan, no economic rationalization, no free market incentives, nothing. Washington is lost in its own self actualization, self glorification, self awareness of how great they are. However they have absolutely no economic plan to deal with unemployment.
16 months into this Administration of wonder and economic illiiteracy, we still have massive levels of unemployment, massive tax increases on the horizon and little if any positive economic news. All due to the fact of a poor, non existent economic plan that this Administration has chosen to follow.
Unemployment continues to rage, two years of unemployment benefits is ridiculous and not needed. Free market incentives are essential to get our economy back on its feet. You think that in 16 months it could have been done-tell that to those who are unemployed.
Remember this when you vote in November.