Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Unknown Socialized Health Care

Can someone explian to me what is so revolutionary about the Obama/House/Senate health care bills? What is the point of them other than to help senior citizens be denied health care when they need it the most? What is the point of these bills which are unknown to taxpayers other than to ration health care and contribute greatly to the national debt? What is the point of these bills other than to place control of our health care in a governmental commission? What is the point of these bills which are a secret to the American public?
What is the point of socialized medicine which will not making us any healthier, not do anything to lower insurance rates, not doing anything for tort reform, not do anything to save the supposed 70 to 5,000 people who die daily because of no health insurance (where they get this figure is beyond me)? How deaf is Washington to those who they are supposidly governing, we do not this failed law to pass? Start over and show us what real health care reform should look like, interstate medical plans, posted prices, real tort reform, well care and the list is endless.
By passing this failed bill most in Congress will be looking for jobs in January along with the 17% who are currently unemployed-the sign on the door will read former Congressmen and women need not apply.

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