Monday, March 08, 2010

So Who Will Pay For His Socialized Health Care Plan?

So-who will pay for his socialized health care plan? Who is actually going to be covered and at what cost? Why are they going to be covered? What is actually going to covered? How many citizens are actually without health care? How many are illegal immigrants? How much will this plan add to the national debt? Why are healthy citizens being forced to lower their coverages? Why is not Congress accepting their own health care plan that they are forcing on our country? Where in the United States Constitution does it state that health care is a right and can be mandated by the Federal Government? Why is coverage to senior citizens being cut when they are the ones who need health care the most? Why is there no tort reform being discussed? Why aren't all health care procedures, hospital stays and doctors visits charges fully advertised for consumers to see and understand what it actually costs them? Why is medical malpractice insurance so costly?
It is too bad that the Obama administration can not answer any of these questions. We do not want socialized health care in America.

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