Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Mythical Blumenthal Job Creation Tool

Do you how you create jobs in Connecticut? If you are Attorney General Self-Appointed Acting United States Senator Richard Blumenthal you sue legitimate businesses. That is how Mr. Blumenthal explained it in his debate with his opponent Merrick Alpert at their recent University of Hartford debate. "...our law suits, our legal actions, actually create jobs, because businesses actually welcome competition and a level playing field.”, stated Blumenthal. Since I have taught Economics for 28 years now I am trying to find an economic principle whereby an aggressive State Attorney General "levels" a playing field and creates economic stimulation, economic growth and actually creates jobs. It does not exist and the Acting Senator is absolutely wrong in his assertions. His combative nature has done little if anything other than drive businesses out of state and made the remaining businesses fear the enormous costs that his office can place on their business for no reason at all. Jobs are not created by him or the state or his economically illiterate Democrat party. Jobs are created by the free market system not by a press grabbing, opportunistic Attorney General.
Mr. Blumenthal will have a very difficult race on his hands and to me looks like a massive loss will be on his horizon come November. Connecticut voters and taxpayers have had enough of this type of job creation. Just ask the New England Pellet Company and countless other former Connecticut businesses.

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