Tuesday, March 09, 2010

How Does Socialized Health Care Equal Jobs?

Can someone explain this to me? How does socialized health care equal new jobs? Where are the jobs being created from? By the artificial capping of rates, premiums and policies, socialized health care will decrease the already shrinking job market in our economy and help to create more long term national debt. It will make our elderly population suffer with its rationed care. Jobs will not be created when small businesses will be fined for not offering health insurance, if anything it will force more employers to cut back hiring and or eliminate jobs. Business may hire more consultants and or outside vendors so as not to pay the fine or the now new inflated costs of health care insurance. Rates will rise quickly and severely with socialized health care limiting choices, services and good health. Chaos will be assured for our medical care in our country.
And the question must be why? Why is the Obama administration that far separated from the economic reality of the damage this program will do to our economy? Poor and leaderless government is what we have with this administration and its failed socialized health care which in no way shape or form creates jobs.

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