Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Economic Stagnation Caused By Socialized Health Care

There will be great economic stagnation created by the socialized health care bill rammed down taxpayers throats last week. Economic stagnation occurs when there are high levels of unemployment/underemployment and inflation. Inflation for our economy is right around the corner as health care insurance premiums and health care costs will skyrocket under the unconstitutional, socialized health care plan being forced on our economy. Insurance companies will send rates upward while the bill will be enacted and costs for procedures and visits (which are unknown to the medical consumer) will also go up before implementation. Thus our economy will now have a massive amount of their take home incomes go to rationed health care giving medical consumers much higher costs with less services. From an economics point of view how does this help our economy? And why was it allowed to happen? There will great economic stagnation created by the socialized health care bill, which will take many years for our economy to recover from. What a waste of economic good for our economy at the time of an economic recession. And the most insulting part of it is that politicians must now campaign to those who they supposidly represent to tell them how great this debacle is. What an injustice to our economy and country.

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