Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Economic Stagnation Caused By Socialized Health Care

There will be great economic stagnation created by the socialized health care bill rammed down taxpayers throats last week. Economic stagnation occurs when there are high levels of unemployment/underemployment and inflation. Inflation for our economy is right around the corner as health care insurance premiums and health care costs will skyrocket under the unconstitutional, socialized health care plan being forced on our economy. Insurance companies will send rates upward while the bill will be enacted and costs for procedures and visits (which are unknown to the medical consumer) will also go up before implementation. Thus our economy will now have a massive amount of their take home incomes go to rationed health care giving medical consumers much higher costs with less services. From an economics point of view how does this help our economy? And why was it allowed to happen? There will great economic stagnation created by the socialized health care bill, which will take many years for our economy to recover from. What a waste of economic good for our economy at the time of an economic recession. And the most insulting part of it is that politicians must now campaign to those who they supposidly represent to tell them how great this debacle is. What an injustice to our economy and country.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The New Economic Costs of Socialized Health Care

I still feel that socialized health care will be repealed when Republicans take control of Congress in 2011. Until that time we must realistically look at the new economic costs which are now being viewed because of the socialized, unconstitutional health care bill rammed through by Congress. ATT will be charging back $1 billion dollars to cover the new changes in medical care. It is $1 billion dollars that it can no longer spend on product development, expansion of services, hiring more employees, lowering consumer bills or paying raises to employees. It is $1 billion dollars taken out of our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) which is no longer productive money which could create economic growth. It is now going to a non productive socialized social welfare program which will not have any positive results for it in our economy. Another economic example is Caterpillar which will have now $100 million in new expenses because of this bill. Again Caterpillar does not have $100 million dollars that it can no longer spend on product development, expansion of services, hiring more employees, lowering consumer bills or paying raises to employees. Multiply this same situation by companies throughout our country and you will see the following; a greater economic recession, a higher national debt which can no longer be financed, more unemployment, higher prices for consumer products, higher health care costs and lastly higher taxes.
All at a time during economic recession. Economic reality will settle in for the Democrats at all levels of government. This horrific economic bill will guarantee their minority status for years to come. I just hope our economy can survive this economic debacle until November.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Speaker Of The House Wants Your Money When You Die

Chris Donovan wants your money. Better yet he demands it when you die. After all dead people who have paid taxes all of their lives and were taxed on it all of their lives, need to pay more when they die. They need when they are dead to help support the Speakers social welfare programs which are economically inefficient and help waste taxpayers monies year in and year out. Dead people through his 3.5% tax on their estates need to pay more when they die. By taxing dead people the Democrats feel that more economic growth will take place in our already overtaxed state. From what school of economics this comes from is beyond me. It will just lead even more wealthy people out of the state and to states which are tax friendly.
Our state government needs a desperate change. It is obvious to me Mr. Donovan has never worked a productive day in his life and lives in an economic fantasy land. We as taxpayers must support his lack of leadership and his failed programs.
November 2010 is coming and his super majority will come to a grinding halt.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Connecticut Democrats To Connecticut Taxpayers- Drop Dead If You Think We Will Cut Spending

I really have to hand it to the Connecticut Democratic super majority and their budget plan. Let's increase spending by $353 million dollars and raise taxes. Yawn. So what else is new? More, higher, greater spending coupled with the same stale government excesses and you have the Connecticut Democratic super majority. How can the Democrats be serious to raise spending by another $353 million dollars while they still have not solved the $1 billion dollar deficit that we are in? How economically illiterate can they be? This is the most ridiculous state budget I have seen in my life. Do they understand what unemployment is and what an economic recession is?
I truly hope that the voters of Connecticut finally wake and vote these elitists out of office in November. No matter at what level of government, the Democratic party is out of touch with any type of economic reality and they have no ability to lead or govern. This budget is just another shining example of it.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Airport Repairs=Health Care Reform

Yes in 2010 airport repairs equals health care reform. Especially if you are an anti-abortion Representative Congressmen from Michigan. Earmarks in a health care bill that have nothing to do with health care. What a sell out. In other words change that you can believe in. I vaguely remember that earmarks were going to be eliminated in this administration of transparency. Just another lie to the American taxpayer. Just like the lies of the socialized health care bill signed by Mr. Obama. In other words change that you can believe in. A bill so bad that now it has to be campaigned on to brainwash the American taxpayer to accept it and love it. In other words change that you can believe in. To pass a bill so bad, so disheveled, so irrational, so debt ridden that you now have to sell it. Like a used car salesman.
There is absolutely no leadership found in Washington. None from Mr. Obama and none from Congress. A lost four years. Vote this debacle out of office in November and do not support economically those who embrace it. In other words change that you can really believe in.

Monday, March 22, 2010

I Am Really Sick Now-Work To Repeal This Debacle

Hey I am really sick now, but wait in 2013, I will never have to worry about it again. From my bankrupted federal government I will have socialized health care brought to me by gerrymandering, earmarks and excessively high taxes. Need an operation? Just wait until 2013, no problem. Medicine? Just wait until the generic comes out in 2013, produced in China. Specialist visit? Just wait until 2013 when the handful of medical specialists left will possibly see you. Medicare? Hey it is for everyone now, elderly will not need it now since most of their care will be eliminated and they can die sooner.
The nicest part of this bill however rests upon the theory and reality that the Democratic party for many years from this day forward will be a minority party in government at all levels. They have truly shown their incompetence to lead and govern with this debacle of a bill. They have shown how far out of touch with reality they are in 2010.
I am even more sick now than I was when I started writing this. Is it 2013 yet?
Repeal this bill.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Socialized Health Care Follies

It is the biggest show in town, the socialized health care follies, it is the biggest rip-off American taxpayers have ever had to accept. It is comical, unconstitutional, deadly, sickening and more. It is your United States Congress at work and at play. It is the circus of unconstitutional role playing and law breaking done by the most despised citizens of our country, the United States Congress. It is a free-for-all, in your face, smash mouth, the most public be damned piece of legislation in the history of our country. It is the skyrocketing national debt that this folly will give to American taxpayers. It is the twist, spins and deceptions socialized health care presents for a corrupt Congress and its cronies. It is the laws broken, the never-ending debt and chaos that will ensue from this piece of thrash that is being rammed down taxpayers throats.
Our course of history will change as we must fight about socialized health care and forget about all of the other more important issues that needed to be viewed in 2010.
Maybe the clowns of Congress will tell that to your unemployed neighbor. What a disgrace our federal government has become.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Unknown Socialized Health Care

Can someone explian to me what is so revolutionary about the Obama/House/Senate health care bills? What is the point of them other than to help senior citizens be denied health care when they need it the most? What is the point of these bills which are unknown to taxpayers other than to ration health care and contribute greatly to the national debt? What is the point of these bills other than to place control of our health care in a governmental commission? What is the point of these bills which are a secret to the American public?
What is the point of socialized medicine which will not making us any healthier, not do anything to lower insurance rates, not doing anything for tort reform, not do anything to save the supposed 70 to 5,000 people who die daily because of no health insurance (where they get this figure is beyond me)? How deaf is Washington to those who they are supposidly governing, we do not this failed law to pass? Start over and show us what real health care reform should look like, interstate medical plans, posted prices, real tort reform, well care and the list is endless.
By passing this failed bill most in Congress will be looking for jobs in January along with the 17% who are currently unemployed-the sign on the door will read former Congressmen and women need not apply.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Another Poor Economic Chocie By The Obama Administration

I truly wonder how economically detached the Obama Administration itself and its advisers are from real world economics. Massive national debt that soon will not be able to be financed, a massive unemployment rate of 17%, massive tax increases, massive socialized health care, states bankrupt and the list goes on.
Janet Yellen is the newest debacle forming for this economically illiterate bunch. Yellen is being appointed as the Federal Reserve Vice Chairperson. Yellen is currently President of the San Francisco Fed and has some strong economist theories. However she believes in the Phillips Curve trade-off between inflation and unemployment. This means that we are constantly giving up one for the other in our economy. These theorists believe that due to America's economic prosperity and due to too many people working we have inflation. I disagree with this theory (even though I must touch upon Phillips in my classes), economic prosperity should be the goal of any economic policy. Let the supply side do its own thing and create, fuel and extend economic growth through investments, capital gains and dividends. This is what creates jobs in our economy, not a handful of political patronage government jobs that provide no productivity nor provide any growth in GDP.
Yellen and her theories will be a boom for inflation and will help to keep our unemployment rates high for the coming future in my economic opinion. I no longer understand what the Fed's policies are in 2010. It just furthers the economic illiteracy this administration shows the educated American public.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Mythical Blumenthal Job Creation Tool

Do you how you create jobs in Connecticut? If you are Attorney General Self-Appointed Acting United States Senator Richard Blumenthal you sue legitimate businesses. That is how Mr. Blumenthal explained it in his debate with his opponent Merrick Alpert at their recent University of Hartford debate. "...our law suits, our legal actions, actually create jobs, because businesses actually welcome competition and a level playing field.”, stated Blumenthal. Since I have taught Economics for 28 years now I am trying to find an economic principle whereby an aggressive State Attorney General "levels" a playing field and creates economic stimulation, economic growth and actually creates jobs. It does not exist and the Acting Senator is absolutely wrong in his assertions. His combative nature has done little if anything other than drive businesses out of state and made the remaining businesses fear the enormous costs that his office can place on their business for no reason at all. Jobs are not created by him or the state or his economically illiterate Democrat party. Jobs are created by the free market system not by a press grabbing, opportunistic Attorney General.
Mr. Blumenthal will have a very difficult race on his hands and to me looks like a massive loss will be on his horizon come November. Connecticut voters and taxpayers have had enough of this type of job creation. Just ask the New England Pellet Company and countless other former Connecticut businesses.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

How Does Socialized Health Care Equal Jobs?

Can someone explain this to me? How does socialized health care equal new jobs? Where are the jobs being created from? By the artificial capping of rates, premiums and policies, socialized health care will decrease the already shrinking job market in our economy and help to create more long term national debt. It will make our elderly population suffer with its rationed care. Jobs will not be created when small businesses will be fined for not offering health insurance, if anything it will force more employers to cut back hiring and or eliminate jobs. Business may hire more consultants and or outside vendors so as not to pay the fine or the now new inflated costs of health care insurance. Rates will rise quickly and severely with socialized health care limiting choices, services and good health. Chaos will be assured for our medical care in our country.
And the question must be why? Why is the Obama administration that far separated from the economic reality of the damage this program will do to our economy? Poor and leaderless government is what we have with this administration and its failed socialized health care which in no way shape or form creates jobs.

Monday, March 08, 2010

So Who Will Pay For His Socialized Health Care Plan?

So-who will pay for his socialized health care plan? Who is actually going to be covered and at what cost? Why are they going to be covered? What is actually going to covered? How many citizens are actually without health care? How many are illegal immigrants? How much will this plan add to the national debt? Why are healthy citizens being forced to lower their coverages? Why is not Congress accepting their own health care plan that they are forcing on our country? Where in the United States Constitution does it state that health care is a right and can be mandated by the Federal Government? Why is coverage to senior citizens being cut when they are the ones who need health care the most? Why is there no tort reform being discussed? Why aren't all health care procedures, hospital stays and doctors visits charges fully advertised for consumers to see and understand what it actually costs them? Why is medical malpractice insurance so costly?
It is too bad that the Obama administration can not answer any of these questions. We do not want socialized health care in America.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Health Care At Any Cost

Yes we must have health care at any cost. Congress must vote on it no matter what. There needs to be no compromise, no debate, just ram it down taxpayers throats and be done with it. Who cares anyways? Taxpayers are experiencing an out-of-touch one term President who is desperately trying to show our country why his programs are better and are necessary for our well-being. Yet not understanding anything about the concept of economic costs or the pending national bankruptcy due to a national debt of $13 trillion dollars and rising, he must force this failed agenda down taxpayers throats. And at the same time a massive cover-up continues with Mr. Rangel and his lies. Double standards thrive in this administration and taxpayers are sick of this rhetoric, sick of the Washington lies and sick of the direction of our country.
America needs leadership and economic growth not chronic new taxes to rape the vibrancy of our economy. We can not afford socialized health care nor can we afford a $13 trillion dollar national debt.
No-we do not want health care at any cost in 2010.