Tuesday, February 16, 2010

UConn's Tuition Up, Up and Away!

Hey what's another 6.3% tuition increase. Tuition at UConn has only gone up 55% in ten years adjusted for inflation. And UConn will be hiring even more employees for the upcoming year. And where will it end? Doesn't state taxpayers contribute a great deal to the upkeep and budget of UConn each year? And what are they actually receiving for it? We know the school can not do without. That is not acceptable to taxpayer funded education. We know no expense can be cut back and or monies saved each fiscal year. No,we hear more of the same all of the time, raise tuition and fees and be happy about it. And how much will be the increase in 2010-11? Another 6.3%?
Thus higher education is continuing to be priced out of the range of the working middle class here in Connecticut. And graduates why do you wish to stay here after you graduate? I do not know.


David X said...

I wonder if the quality has also increased 55% over the last 10 years? Somehow, I doubt it. I think the real story is that anything the government subsidizes will go up in price - i.e. housing, tuition, health-care and public schools. Now that the government has a monopoly on student loans, it is only natural that you can expect an increase in college tuition too.

David X Johnson said...

Bob, the House is looking to take-over all tuition loans as a add-on to the healthcare bill. This gives the government a monopoly on student loans ... and we all know how well the government manages loan risk (the FHA needs bailing out). The add-on increases Pell grants automatically in excess of inflation; thus giving colleges incentive to raise tuition rates to get the higher matching funds.