Friday, February 19, 2010

Once Again Nationalized Health Care Shoved Down Our Throats

I really have to hand it to the Obama Administration. They really are in tune with the American public and taxpayers in general. What his latest move? Along with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, he would support holding a reconciliation vote on a public option. Even though the American public and taxpayers do not want it, let us ram socialized health care down our throats. Let us go against our democracy and the will of the American people and force them to accept the liberalism of this administration which is out of touch with the economic reality of 2010. By doing this I feel comfortable in the view that the Democrats should lose even more seats in 2010 in both the House and the Senate. I am sure Dick Blumenthal agrees with this move also-what hasn't he gone on record showing his support for it? After all isn't he our new Senator from Connecticut?
I as a taxpayer have had enough. And I am sure most taxpayers have had enough of this illogical plan. We do not want nationalized health care-done by a reconciliation vote and Congress will truly see the wrath of the American voting public-today, tommorrow and for the future.

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David X said...

When the pork ... er stimulus bill was shoved down our throats, people woke up. The attempt to shove the health-care bill down our throats is causing a broad based public swell of resistance. The people will be heard and obeyed.