Sunday, January 24, 2010

Why Are Economic Plans Difficult To Create?

Why are economic plans difficult to create? In my economic opinion, our political system. Our political system seems to be made up with individuals who either have inherited old money and never have worked a day in their lives, have been in public service and never worked a productive day in their lives or have been able to manipulate the political system to their advantage and also have never worked a productive day in their lives. Therefore, our political system negates productivity as deals must be constantly made to enact legislation all of which cost taxpayers (in theory those who produce) more and more of their real income. Taxpayers must be productive in order to earn income. They are allowed to keep only a small portion of their income in order to contribute to this political and economic debacle that we see in Washington and Hartford. What gives both Congress and our Democratic super majority in Hartford the right to overtax you? Are they held accountable through audits and reviews of programs? I see little if any of this. Thus there can not be an economic plan nor any forward economic thinking other than raise taxes on those who are the most productive in our economy in order to give to those who are the most politically connected in both Washington and Hartford. Thus we have a mess in our economy which is directly related to the poor and inept political system which governs it. Our 2010 election should begin the change back to a free economic system and gone will these non productive and disgraceful politicians who have debased our economy.

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