Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Where Is The Economic Plan?

I am curious where is the economic plan from either Washington or Hartford? I do not see one nor is unemployment going down. How can we be coming out of the recession when we have a posted 10% unemployment rate and a real rate of 18%+ (those who are still unemployed and are no longer being counted)? What is the economic reasoning behind that? Where are all the supposed jobs that were created by the ill gotten stimulus package?
Here in Hartford, our state's finances are a debacle. We are fast approaching a $1 billion deficit with no relief in sight. We have a legislature which could care less about any of the economic issues facing Connecticut. Taxpayers hear the same song of higher taxes will solve all of our problems. And we also see the great migration continue out of the state for a better and lower taxed life elsewhere.
Washington and Hartford have no economic plan. They have the same stale rhetoric which taxpayers at all levels no longer buy into. The Tea Party movement will continue to grow and will eventually help replace our stale and economically illiterate elected officials. 2010 is here now, where is the economic plan? It is not in Washington or in Hartford.

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Truth said...

Or Woodstock...and presumably Wallingford...get ready and clench those cheeks.