Monday, January 11, 2010

Dodd Dumped, Now Dump Blumenthal

Dodd got dumped. What position was he promised in the last two years of the Obama Administration for giving up his seat? And why should Dick Blumenthal be our Senator? What has he really done to become a Senator? Let us now Dump Dick. His constant lawsuits which have cost our state millions of dollars have helped to develop a negative business atmosphere. If you were a business why would you want to locate in a highly taxed and litigious state for? And if one closely looks at his record especially the New England Pellet case, in which his office did not have the slightest clue as to what was the rule of law, his brand of media induced legalese will not play well with the voting public. I know that Connecticut's liberal media has already self appointed him the new Senator but I will predict that this election will become a blood bath over the year. Dick Blumenthal is an opportunist Attorney General who has done little to actually protect consumers in our state, improve our quality of life or allow businesses to operate without fear of reprisal. In my opinion, the Democrats are still going to lose this seat in November. Connecticut voters have had enough.


greg8370 said...

Rated the worst AG in the nation!!!

john boy said...

one down many to go.long fight ahead.