Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bad Health Is On The Horizon

Bad health is in store for most Americans with the socialized health care plan that the Democrats in Congress will be voting on before they lose their super majority. Taxpayers will now be burdened with a top secret, highly taxed, partisan, illogical and unhealthy health care plan. It is a plan that full of earmarks, it is secret, negotiations and debate closed off to Republicans and the public. It is a plan that shows how ineffective, illogical and non cooperative to those whom they supposedly represent Congress has become. And they will exempt themselves from this debacle of a bill. All in the name of a liberal, socialistic agenda that is creating ruin for our economy.
We have really poor government in 2010. We have an inexperienced President who disregards those who supposedly elected him in his false claim of change. All that has changed is that we have lost a great deal of our freedoms in the past year. We have a Congress who totally disregards logic and debate. It is socialism at its best. And the voting public has begun its great awakening. Bad health is on the horizon with a mangled health care bill which defies any type of well being. The horizon will change soon as November approaches.

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