Monday, December 28, 2009

Why Doesn't Congress Accept Their Own Health Care Plan?

Why doesn't Congress accept their own health care plan to cover themselves? Why don't they enroll themselves in Medicare when they retire? Why must taxpayers accept this failed, unhealthy expensive plan and Congress refuses? These are the questions that taxpayers must now ask their pompous Represenatatives and Senators as the two bills are debated. And the Republicans should now have the guts to fillabuster both bills as they stand. Does Congress feel that taxpayers are that stupid to accept this miserable will bill which will raise the national debt enormously, ration and make more expensive limited health care, and do away with research and technology in drugs, medical care and medical equipment? Congress has failed in its efforts to reform health care. It does not touch tort reform. It does not touch the costs of health care demand by illegal immigrants. It does not touch intertstate medical insurance plans. It just creates socialized health care and rationed care.
2010 will the great awakening for Congress as many Representatives and Senators become unemployed. Stop this unhealthy non reform bill today.

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