Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Stop This Mindless Economic Endless War...

I always get a laugh driving by a car that has the anti-Bush "Stop This Endless War" bumper sticker on it. I have always thought of printing up one that states, "Stop This Mindless Economic Endless War..." I feel like rolling down the window and yelling at the person driving, "Your boy really has stopped the war hasn't he?" "It has only been one year now!" And then drive away.
Because now he is fighting on three fronts, Iraq, a new and complex escalation in Afghanistan and in our country on the domestic front. It took the President three months to decide on what he decided upon back then-more troops. A great sign of indecisiveness, sort of like LBJ back in Vietnam. And at the same time fighting with taxpayers to give up their medical insurance and care along with their environmental freedom for the sake of higher taxes and a failed socialist economic agenda that is coming apart at the seams. Taxpayers are sick of the war at all three fronts, Iraq, Afghanistan and in our country against those who work for a living and pay taxes. Maybe it is time to start to win the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and let the free market economy work without governmental intervention. But I sense a loss on all three fronts by 2011 with a real change in the form of a new Congress in 2010 and a new Commander-in-Chief in 2012. Then all of the wars will end.


admin said...

Nice thought...but no they won't.

David X said...

The best way to increase healthcare coverage is to get people working again. The best way to increase tax revenues is to get people working again. The best way to recover this economy is to get people working again. It's jobs, stupid.

I'd rather the Congress have spend 450B on the transportation bill rather than on the 787B pork bill that create fewer jobs than we lost in just three weeks. That's over five-million dollars per job created (using the most optimistic CBO estimate).