Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Chris Dodd For Sale - Please Buy My Vote=$100 Million Dump Dodd 2010

I wasn't offered anything for my vote nor did I get a sweetheart mortgage deal either. You see I play by the rules and laws of our society. These same laws and rules do not apply to the United States Congress especially for Senator Chris Dodd. Dodd has shaken taxpayers for another $100 million dollars to ensure his vote on the horrific health care bill which has been rammed down the throats of taxpayers. Dodd's vote was guaranteed by giving $100 million of taxpayer's monies to help prop up and build another monument to the University of Connecticut Health Care Center while holding state taxpayers to foot 60% of the bill. Economic logic? Good spending? No and no. But a great way for the inept and politically corrupt Chris Dodd to buy votes in his failing re-election campaign of the century.
I am amazed at the lack of economic reasoning exhibited by this administration and this congress, just spend until it can't be financed any more and bankrupt our country. And the logic of Chris Dodd is that it is all about his failed leadership, his failed policies, his failed ethics and his failed career.
Dump Dodd in 2010.


David X said...

All of congress is for sale ... and this 2,100-page monstrosity is proof:

* Ben Nelson got his state exempt from new fees to cover the Medicare expansion ... which means we all have to pay for Nebraska's portion.

* Bernie Sanders got 10B for community health centers in Vermont, courtesy of the tax payers in the other 49 states.

* Carl Levin got a hefty exemption for insurers in his state, the rest of us have to pay for.

* Patrick Leahy got additional Medicare spending for Vermont.

* Pennsylvania, New York and Florida avoided additional Medicare expense expense that seniors in other parts of the country will have to bear.

* Mary Landrieu 300M increase for Louisiana.

To add insult to injury the bill mandates that insurers spend no less than 80 percent of their premium revenues on medical care (it's currently 70%) and eliminates insurers' ability to cap annual coverage amounts. Comrade Obama insisted on penalties for insurers who "arbitrarily jack up rates" (notwithstanding that they must spend no less than 80% on medical care and can't cap costs).

It's a disaster. It does nothing to lower costs and does several things to ensure that fewer insurers will be in the business.

David X said...

Peter Schiff, running against Dodd in your state, makes a very good point that under the Constitution, all states are equal, and none can receive special treatment from the federal government. This makes the health-care bill unconstitutional because of the special provisions given to specific Senators to buy their votes.