Saturday, December 26, 2009

Change-What Change?

Change-What change you ask? I have no idea that there has been any type of change in our political system in either Washington or Hartford. In Hartford we are viewing the complete bankrupting of our state government by the Democratic super majority. A super majority who can cut no spending, produce no results and is spending our tax monies into a bankruptcy for the state. For 2010 our Democratic super majority is offering us higher taxes and increased long term debt for our children. They have chosen to keep their heads in the sand and walk away from fiscal responsibility.
In Washington, Congress has chosen not to address the economy or private sector job creation. They have decided to break our health care system, ruin healthy lives, raise taxes to unsustainable levels, and walk away from fiscal responsibility by increasing the national debt by $4 trillion dollars. All in the name of change. Change-What change you ask?
State and national elections will be here in a few months and we as voters and taxpayers will be creating the change by voting these stale and corrupt politicians out of office. I am confident of that. Change-2010 style.

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