Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What Economic Problems?

What Economic Problems? I can't think of any but unemployment, a massive national debt, a loss of our manufacturing base, disincentives to save and invest, a pay czar dictating to private businesses what salaries can be paid, massive home foreclosures, the stripping of power of the Federal Reserve System, an unethical and economically illiterate Congress and last but not least, two wars which are being fought in Washington by bureaucrats while American military lives are being lost.
What Economic Problems? What solutions? I hear none from Washington except for higher taxes, more governmental spending at all levels, the socialization of our free enterprise and market system, an enemies list and last but not least embracing our enemies and turning our backs on our allies.
As I continue to state 2010 can't come soon enough and for that matter 2012 either.

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