Saturday, November 14, 2009

What Cost Nationalized Health Care?

I am still wondering what will be the costs of nationalized health care? And who will pay for it? In trying to follow the limited information given by Congress regarding the bill I see that the bulk of this bill will be payed for by those who can least afford it and by yet again raising taxes. In other words, care will be cut for many, a governmental bureaucracy will be created, taxes will become higher again and the national debt will continue to soar. Thus what in economic terms will be the benefits of this new nationalized health care? I truly can not see any. For the new limited amount of individuals who will be covered it would be cheaper for the government to pay for premiums to an insurance company to cover them.
The real economic questions of health care reform were never addressed; health savings accounts, the portability of health insurance plans, tort and medical malpractice reform. They were lost in lobbying.
As I have stated numerous times before, this is a health plan that will make America sick and now make it go broke. 2010 and 2012 can not happen soon enough.

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