Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Unemployment Benefits Will Continue Forever and Ever-Ad Infinitum

I was told tonight by a friend of ours that unemployment benefits have been extended to 93 weeks in Connecticut. 104 weeks makes 2 years thus you can remain on unemployment benefits for 1 year and 9 months and collect $537 a week at the maximum for not working.
Obviously our economy is having a difficult time creating jobs. The falsification of the recent economic stimulus package-jobs created and saved statistics has shown its ineptness. Teaching economics for 27 years now, I never heard of the term "jobs saved" nor understand what is meant by that. One either has a job or does not have a job. People do not have a "saved job". Saved by whom or what? A governmental program bloated with earmarks and pork, that does nothing for the economy except to raise the National Debt? That is how this administration responds to job creation.
What we need to stimulate jobs in our economy is simplistic but not politically popular-lower taxes on businesses and industries, drop all nationalized health care plans, eliminate the pay czar, drop all cap and trade plans, allow the free markets to work on the profit motive and cut governmental spending at all levels (and ultimately pay off the National Debt). Sounds crazy? No 93 weeks of unemployment benefits is crazy and if I was unemployed I would want the private sector to help create a job for me. How about it?

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